Book Now and Decide Later

Helping you own a piece of NusaCinta while at this moment when people prefer not to travel and visit places.

How Does It Works?

Step 1 – “Visit”

Visit our website,, and look out for NusaCinta.

Step 2 – “Choose”

Call our hotline at 017-3026088 and our ambassadors will assist you to choose your preferred dream home.

Step 3 – “Book”

Once decided on your dream home, you can proceed to book your unit. Ask our ambassadors on the modes of booking. We are ready to assist you.

Step 4 – “Decide”

All buyers are entitled for up-to 21* days to decide on their purchase, before the official launch of NusaCinta.

*Terms and conditions apply.

What Are The Benefits?

Be entitled for Early Bird Price*.

It’s Fast & Easy. Everything can be completed over the phone or online*.

Full refund* upon cancellation.

Personalize Service. Sales presentation and booking cheque collection can be arranged.

*Terms and conditions apply.

How To Stay Healthy During The Flu Season

Wash your hand frequently with soap and water or with alcohol-based rub.

Practice respiratory hygiene. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue.

Maintain social distance at least 1 metre (3 feet) from others, particularly those with coughing, sneezing and fever.

Setia Fontaines Wishes All to Stay Healthy.
Let’s be Strong Together!

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