Single Storey Terrace
Indicative Price: from RM 383,000
Land size : 24’ x 70’
Built-up   : 1,413 sqft

Specifications / Features

Floor Plan

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Facilities & Features 

Bask in over 30 facilities & features in NusaCinta, crafted for its residents.


Fountain of Happiness & Club House
Club House Facilities - Swimming Pool
Club House Facilities - Gym
Fountain of Jimbanee
Fountain de Flow of Love
Canal of Nusantara
Fountain of Completing Love
Fountain of Rinjani

Penang Heritage Park

The Penang Heritage Park, located within a short walking distance away, is adorned with a magnificent lake and iconic landscape. It also house one of the largest and most advanced graphic projection musical fountain in Malaysia.


Sea of Flowers
Sea of Flowers
Sea of Flowers
Sea of Flowers
Wetland of Nusantara
Cocos Avenue
Serenity Plaza

Site Plan

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Master Plan

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Disclaimer : All information contain herein are for reference & illustration purposes only. For the actual specifications, please refer to the actual Sales & Purchase Agreement.


DEVELOPER: SETIA FONTAINES SDN BHD (505572-T) • Developer’s License No.: 19732-2/11-2021/01028(L) • Validity Date: 05/11/2019 – 04/11/2021 • Advertising and Sales Permit No.: 19732-2/11-2021/01028(P) • Validity Date: 05/11/2019 – 04/11/2021 • Building Plan Approving Authorities: Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai • Building Plan Approval No.: MPSP/40/20-06/135 • Land Tenure: Freehold • Land Encumbrances: Public Investment Bank Berhad • Expected Date of Completion: October 2022 • Single Storey Terrace • Total units: 84 unit • Price: RM448,400 (min) – RM620,100 (max) • Double Storey Terrace • Total units: 42 unit • Price: RM558,000 (min) – RM698,300 (max) • Single Storey Cluster • Total units: 100 unit • Price: RM583,500 (min) – RM675,000 (max) • Double Storey Cluster • Total units: 44 unit • Price: RM739,000 (min) – RM825,000 (max) • Single Storey Semi Detached • Total units: 90 unit • Price: RM678,000 (min) – RM1,138,700 (max) • Double Storey Semi Detached • Total units: 60 unit • Price: RM919,500 (min) – RM1,393,500 (max) • Single Storey Bungalow • Total units: 42 unit • Price: RM813,500 (min) – RM1,327,400 (max) • Double Storey Bungalow • Total units: 27 unit • Price: RM1,252,900 (min) – RM1,771,900 (max) • Bumiputera Discount: 5%

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